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Download P&Plus - Full Version - For new P&Plus Users.

... if you are a new P&Plus users.
If you already have P&Plus installed ...

Download P&Plus - Update Version - If you already have P&Plus installed.

If you do not view any images on this page or you try to download a file and are sent to please refer to this page.
* If you are a P&P user, installing P&Plus over your version of P&P will overwrite all your settings. It is suggested that you install P&Plus to its own directory, change your settings and load any add-ons you may have added to P&P.
* It has come to our attention that McAfee is picking up an IRC virus in the mIRC.ini. We have scanned and re-scanned the files with up-to-date InocculateIT, Norton AntiVirus and Housecall and no such virus was located.

It is more common today that virii are auto-sent through DCC and e-mail programs, such as MS-Windows Outlook, with out the infected users knowledge. Keeping this in mind we highly recommend you install this script to C:\P&Plus, for your protection as well as for fellow IRC'rs protection.

To install P&Plus v5.3.2 (with mIRC v6.16 and P&P v4.22) updated 14/01/2005:

  1. Download the PnPlus5.3.2.exe to your hard drive.
  2. Click the PnPlus5.3.2.exe
  3. Follow the screens and save it to C:\P&Plus

To Connect to IrCQNet:

  1. If P&Plus is not open, click on the shortcut found on your desktop named: P&Plus
  2. Click on the smiley icon, found at the top left.
  3. Type in your nickname and an alternative nickname.
  4. Click the 'Connect to IRC Server' button, and you will be on-line in no time :)
  5. Note: We suggest that you check for updates, by typeing: /update

It is as simple as that!

Perhaps take a gander at the P&Plus FAQ section.

* If you require further assistance feel free to chat with us on IrCQNet in #PnPlus.


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HLP Files

IRC Intro, mIRC and P&Plus Help hlp files are included in P&Plus.
.hlp File Description


IRC Intro An introduction to most IRC elements.
mIRC FAQ's Answers to mIRC FAQ's.
mIRC Help mIRC's hlp.


P&Plus Help Learn how to set up P&Plus and its add-ons as well as all of P&Plus' commands and shortcuts.


Script Help Coders Pai and blue-elf are featured in this scripting hlp file.
Scripting 4 Dummies Tips & tricks on scripting your own add-ons.


Eggdrop.hlp Commands listed for use with an Eggdrop/bot.
Linux Manual Thinking of installing Linux? Download this hlp for quick references to most Linux questions.


* Place the .hlp in your script (i.e. C:\P&Plus) directory/folder and access them through your script toolbar via Help >>> Help Files.

* All files were scanned with two up-to-date AntiVirus programs, before they were made publicly available to download. However, it is up to you to scan any files you download from this site.


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